Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food Lush: Mini Cheesecake!

A while ago, I encountered Food Lush at an event hosted by the City of Portland for Women's History Month. I honestly can't say enough about this mini cheesecake.

The creative Coconut and Chocolate flavor and the rich texture really allowed me to just be lost in a sea of cheesecake goodness. The eco-friendly packaging let me be at peace with my "impulse" buy, and the great friendly attitude of the proprietor helped ease my worries of giving my hard earned cash, to someone who could have cared less. After coming home and devouring my little morsel of awesome, I had a chance to peruse the proprietor's website, and find that she tries to use as many local ingredients as possible, SCORE!

The cheesecake was obviously made with care and mindfulness to a more eco-friendly Portland. At a price of two for five dollars, the price was a bit steep, but worth every cent! If you can manage to find Food Lush at an event, or even book them for your own, I'd recommend it!

You can find Food Lush on Facebook and at the Food Lush Website.

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