Saturday, February 26, 2011


So begins a new journey through the one commonality of all people on earth, food. Food can do more than just sustain and maintain, it's an experience. Not just of taste, but of smell, sight, touch, and sound. Flavors and textures being used to bring the simplest of ingredients to an art form. For every cuisine Matisse, there can be a food novice who somehow managed to get behind a spatula in a professional capacity. We're here to search both types out and give our honest opinions of the foods we consume in our wanderings around the greater Portland area.

First, a quick introduction: We are two step-sisters living and eating in the Portland metro area. The idea for blog came a couple of months ago when sitting in a restaurant thinking about how many great food places there are in this area. Yes, we know a lot of people know about a lot of these venues, but for every person who knows about one, there are at least three who have no idea what great food they're missing.

The name for the blog and this post, comes from a weird day with the "freaky twin language" that the two of us have come up with. It's not really a language in and of itself, but more like a long list of long standing in-jokes. I think someone commented about a plate of food disappearing in what felt like seconds, and a it was followed by the hilarious reply of "I GET HUNGRY" in the sassiest of voices. It's become something of a battle cry to the two of us, uttered in the oddest of moments, usually when one of us is worried that the other may judge her food choices. As it turns out, it just makes us laugh and realize that we are two girls who enjoy food, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes outstanding!

You should come along with us on our journey through the ever changing landscape of food in the Portland metro. We'll give you some tips, we'll tell you some tricks, and we'll even let you know when to turn tail and run for the hills. If you think we're wrong, TELL US! We want to know what you think too!